Sunday, May 16, 2010

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Celcom Broadband Packages

The Broadband Basic plan is suitable for frequent users who require basic broadband connectivity for their daily use. With speeds of up to 384 Kbps, not only can you stay online for hours but you won't have to burn a hole in your pocket to do it.

Provided 2 packages :

Broadband Basic/ Speed Fees/ Upfront Payment

C-Broadband Basic (Data Only)-RM68 Up to 384Kbps / RM68.00

C-Broadband Advance (Data Only)-RM98 Up to 3.6Mbps / RM98.00

Term & Condition Apply

• The Broadband Basic Service offers speeds of up to 384kbps.

• This service is only available as a postpaid service.

• This service is bound by Celcom’s Fair Usage Policy of 5GB a month.

• As this broadband service is shared, therefore the service is provided on a best effort basis.

Celcom Promo 2010 Packages

Broadband Promo/ Speed Fees/ Upfront Payment

C-Broadband Basic (Data Only + Modem) - RM68 (Promo 2010) (Free Celcom Modem) Up to 384Kbps 68.00 /RM100.00

C-Broadband Advance (Data Only + Modem) - RM98 (Promo 2010) (Free Celcom Modem) Up to 3.6Mbps 98.00/ RM100.00

Term & Condition Apply

• If customer want to terminate the service within 12 months, the modem need to return for Celcom in good condition with the box as well (full set). If customer failed to do so, RM150 will charge on customer.



email your contact number, full name, IC no, old IC no. (if any), address, and phone no.


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ko dah kerja ngan celcom ke sarah? hehe...

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already using :)

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streamyx still d best...:)

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