Thursday, August 27, 2009

im sorry!

"iff all things could be forgiven with the word sorry,
then why are there laws and police in this worlds?.."
is it so hard to forgive and forget?
the 1st thing that will come to my mind when i did something wrong to people
of coz is = ask for the apologize!
its look like just simple thing to ask for forgiveness. but actually its so hard depends on the situation. sumtimes, things go wrong and we didn't realize that we already hurt others..
n it was not on purpose to hurt somebody's heart..i swear! it was not on purpose.
sometimes people turn to be very sensitive mood..or bad mood..or not in good mood.
a lot of reason behind the bad mood.. but doesn't matter if we try much not to let the 'bad mood' to become worst..
there are so much things for us to share together in this short life,
so why are we still have to keep the past mistakes too long?..
is it so hard for us to forget and give forgiveness?
why sometimes people turn to be childish?
maybe some people may think that
giving 'mad expression' to friends that make
mistake to them can make them feel satisfied..
and maybe they are happy to be like that..
so, let them be in that happiness forever.
for the people that involve in this case, i sincerely ask for the forgiveness.
let us smile to each other again.........
thank you!

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